Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all having an amazing New Year!  We are so excited to start a new blog section on our website. If you are new to our site then welcome and please take a look through our pictures and discover all the different packages and services we offer.  If you are already familiar to our site and the Storybrook family then welcome back! We love keeping in touch with all of our couples, friends and party guests. We are working very hard with various projects and compiling new and exciting features to offer in the near future.  However, we wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves! You can also view this on our About Us page.




Diane Vogt – Owner and Inn Keeper

Diane is the heart behind Storybrook Farm and keeps everything clean and inviting. She is often found in the Rose Garden deadheading for the perfect picture. For all your accommodation needs Diane is the go to person.





John Vogt – Owner and Grounds Keeper

John is the fixer and full of great ideas. He is the handyman, builder, and sometimes officiant and chef! If you have any weather or plant questions he’s your guy.





Brittany Jorgenson – Venue Director and Business Partner

Brittany is here to make sure the business is running smoothly and the details are taken care of. She is often found behind the computer but don’t let that fool you. She is great with flower arrangements and putting together tablescapes!





Kayla Hernandez – Wedding Assistant

Kayla is here for all your planning needs. She is super organized and creative and makes sure everyone is on schedule and projects get accomplished. If you have a question about the Wedding Vault, Kayla is the one to ask!



christian the llama


Christian the llama – Barnyard Manager

Christian is a long time resident at the farm. He enjoys banana peels and is known to exchange “kisses” for treats. He is often seen hanging out near his buddy and co-worker Chase the horse.



Chase the horse


Chase the horse – Gentle Giant

Chase has a great sense of humor and loves to ham it up for visitors. He enjoys peppermint and getting his neck petted.






Beowoof Jorgenson – Tour Guide and Squirrel Patrol

Beowoof’s job is to make visitors feel at home. He loves meeting and chatting with people, catching balls, and keeping those pesky squirrels in line. He works diligently at Storybrook Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm, with weekends off at home.



Please keep checking back for new additions to our blog as we continue to keep you in the loop with our projects, events and wedding tips!


Have a Fairytale kind of Day!


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