Storybrook Spotlights: Sweet Snaps by Tara Hodges

Sweet Snaps by Tara Hodges

In this new blog series, called Storybrook Spotlights, we showcase some local vendor talents that we have had the pleasure to work with over the past few years. You may recognize some of their work and wares from our website and social media. All of the work shown took place here at the farm. In this first post we are highlighting Sweet Snaps by Tara Hodges.

Tara has been working with us for years and has covered more weddings at Storybrook Farm than any other photographer. We just love her!  Tara has some insights to share about her style, the art of posing, and why small weddings are so special for her.

How would you describe your style at Sweet Snaps?

“I’m a storyteller…my job is to tell your story and to tell it well….to capture what it felt like to be there on such an amazing day in your life.  I see all new clients as new friends and always strive to make shooting comfortable, natural and relaxed.”

Sweet Snaps Photography


Details….I love details because they are part of your story and often capture pieces that will become heirlooms for you to pass down.”


“I love warm golden light and I am constantly chasing it. Editorial, candid moments, timeless, color rich images describe our work well.”

What do you love most about photographing micro weddings and elopements?

“I love how intimate micro weddings are.  It provides a unique opportunity to spend more time with the bride and groom on wedding day.”

What do you enjoy most about shooting at Storybrook Farm?

“Storybrook has a unique charm all its own.  There’s constantly some new little nook to shoot in or detail to find and use.   Even more than the beauty of the venue, its people are amazing to work with and make coming to Storybrook like coming home.”

Do you have any tips for couples when looking for a photographer?

“Finding the right fit for you is so important when it comes to selecting a photographer.  Review their portfolio and take a few minutes to chat and get to know them.”

Do you have any advice to help couples feel more relaxed and comfortable while they are getting their photos taken?

“For most people, being in front of the camera can be uncomfortable.  But if you can embrace the awkwardness, and just let go, you really will have a great time with your session.  It’s really more of a conversation, just engaging with each other.”

Thanks, Tara!

To learn more about Sweet Snaps by Tara Hodges and to see her portfolio, check out her website and Facebook page!

If you like the thought of a micro wedding and want to learn more, read our blog post on the big benefits of having a small wedding.

To see what Storybrook Farm has to offer for your intimate wedding, visit our website to check out our Micro Wedding and Elopement packages or contact us today!

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