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Storybrook Farm Petite Sweets small wedding cake

On today’s blog we are spotlighting Rachael Holmes, owner of Petite Sweets Bakery in Johnson City, TN. Rachael is one of our very favorite people and creator of some of our top guilty-pleasure breakfast foods. (Yes, sometimes we eat cake for breakfast–don’t judge!)

The Tri-Cities area voted Petite Sweets as Best Dessert and Runner-Up for Best Bakery in the region. We are not surprised! Rachael’s wedding cake creations feature fresh ingredients, maintain the prefect level of moisture, and are surrounded by amazingly smooth and delicious butter cream icing.

Her other treats–including cookies, cupcakes and ice cream–are also to die for. Petite Sweets recently added a mobile unit, aptly titled The Shortcake Bus, to their services. “The Shortcake Bus offers customers with hand scooped ice cream, cupcakes, floats, our famous edible cookie dough and more! Great for Weddings, Gatherings, Birthdays, Corporate Parties and More!” Cute and delicious! You absolutely must check it out.

Over the years Petite Sweets has come out to Storybrook Farm many times to deliver wedding cakes. in 2014 Rachael and her husband, Zach, honored us by tying the knot here at Storybrook Farm. Rachael even made the cakes for her own wedding! Since then, we’ve become more and more impressed by Rachael’s creativity and the quality of her products. Most importantly, she is pleasure to work with.  So when we decided to go small and offer inclusive micro wedding and elopement packages, we wanted to offer something extra special to our couples. Going with Petite Sweets was the sweet and clear choice.

Like what you see? Check out more of the beautiful cakes created by Petite Sweets for couples at Storybrook Farm at the end of the post…

We asked Rachael to share a little bit about her baking journey and what she loves most about her work.

What inspired you to start your own bakery?

“My late grandmother was always hosting parties and get-togethers, and even had a few recipes published in Southern Living. My mom is a fabulous cook and is always taking care of others. Between these two mentors I have strong connection to hospitality and cooking. So being able to come to work everyday and blend hospitality, cooking and creativity is a dream come true.”


When did you open Petite Sweets?

“I started in my mom’s coffee shop in 2011 just baking cupcakes for daily specials. Gradually I started baking cupcakes and cakes for friends and then customers. Once my mom got tired of cleaning up my messes I rented my own Storefront in 2013. We opened January 2014.”


What is your absolute favorite thing about what you do?

“Just getting the chance to be a part of someone’s special occasion whether its a birthday party, baby shower or wedding. It means so much to us that each and every one of our customers would choose us from among some of the other very talented bakeries in our area. Working with each client to develop a dessert that they are excited and proud to serve is just icing on the cake 😉 ”

How do you keep your creative icing flowing and up to date with the latest tastes?

“Weddings, birthdays and parties in general are all about what is the current trend. We are continually trying to educate ourselves and come up with new flavors and desserts to make sure that we are always offering the best techniques and sweets that we possibly can!”


What is your favorite part about coming out to Storybrook Farm?

“I delivered My first wedding cake to Storybrook in 2012. When I drove up I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of this venue before. It was charming, beautiful and literally a picture from a storybook. As I drove out I remember seeing John working on some rose bushes. I stopped to tell him how breathtaking his venue was and that even though I was single at that moment I was definitely getting married there one day 🙂

Fast Forward two years later and that’s just what I did! My guests still talk about what a magical venue it is. From the people that work there to its undeniable beauty, Storybrook continues to have my heart. Having the ability to deliver a micro wedding cake almost every week there is something I will always be thankful for. Every time I drive down that gravel driveway all the amazing memories from my own wedding come flooding back.”

Thanks, Rachael! We love having you here, too!

You can find out more about Petite Sweets on their website at

Facebook Page @petitesweetsjc

And Instagram @petitesweetsjc

Design your own sweet and petite wedding cake at Storybrook Farm

When you book your micro wedding or elopement at Storybrook Farm, you will receive one of Rachael’s lovingly hand crafted cakes as part of your wedding package. To help make things as easy for you as possible we take care of all the ordering and delivery details once you choose your design and flavor.

Your cake will be 1 to 2 tiers, depending on the size of your event. You have your choice of 8 beautiful frosting designs including scroll work, palette knife, smooth, polka dots, birch bark, naked and semi-naked, as well as mixed frosting for multi-tier cakes. There are 10 delicious flavors including vanilla, almond, chocolate, marbled, salted caramel, raspberry white chocolate, red velvet, lemon blueberry, Oreo, and Reeses cup. The cakes are then artfully adorned with flowers to match your included wedding bouquet.

If you want to take it up a notch with additional layers, special frosting or other designs, we can hook you up. Check out the gorgeous frosting design options available!

Included Frosting Design Options

More wedding cakes made by Petite Sweets for past micro weddings and elopements at Storybrook Farm

Welcome to Storybrook Farm!

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