A Very Cool August Woodland Wedding

August is known to be one of the hottest months of the year. Many people are understandably reluctant to plan an outdoor wedding where guests may have to perspire in the sun while waiting for the ceremony to end so they can escape to the wondrous shade and cool drinks of the reception area.

But August weddings don’t have to be a hot mess if you plan smart.

Deana Fleenor Photography
Providing cool, non-alcoholic drinks or bottled water for guests is key for any event during the summer months.

Kaley and Jonathan’s event, which was captured in beautiful detail by Deana Fleenor Photography, is a great example of how to take advantage of the beauty of the month without succumbing to the drawbacks.

 Location and time of day are  important components. Kaley and Jon planned their ceremony in the early evening in the Woodland Hideaway here at Storybrook Farm, which provided their guests with shade and cooler temperatures.  The luscious summer greens and vibrant hues of flowers were at their prime for breath-taking photo opportunities, so the couple took advantage of all of the natural beauty available in the gardens to make their event look like a page out of a storybook.

Their playful yet elegant decor was themed around their love for all things geek-chic with tips of the hat to Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Disney’s Tangled, all with a rustic and natural woodsy vibe.

Lots of soft lights, antique books, lanterns, candelabras, and bridal party bouquets made out of pages from the couple’s favorite books gave this event a genuinely personalized and intimate atmosphere. We LOVED it, and loved working closely with Kaley and Jon to bring their vision to life.


Make sure to check out Deana’s full photo blog of this fairy tale inspired event on her page.

If you are interested in having a 2018 summer woodland or garden wedding of your own, then no sweat. We still have the weekend dates of August 11th and August 25th available for booking. We look forward to hearing how we can help you start the next chapter of your love story!

Other contributing vendors
Dress –  Annie’s Room
Tuxes/ Suits – Moon Tuxedo
Cake – Embree House
Caterer – The Black Olive

August 20



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