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Could A Micro-Wedding Be The Perfect Fit For You? Exploring The Big Benefits of An Extra Small Event

By Brittany Jorgenson What is a micro wedding? A micro wedding (also seen spelled as microwedding or micro-wedding) takes the big wedding concept and shrinks it down to a miniature event of only about 20 people or so (give or … Read More

Deana Fleenor Photography

Nitty, Gritty Tips on Picking the Right Venue for Your Needs

By Brittany Jorgenson You just got engaged! Congratulations! This is a wonderful and exciting time for both of you and your families. As soon as the initial euphoria simmers down a bit one of the first questions to go through … Read More

A Very Cool August Woodland Wedding

August is known to be one of the hottest months of the year. Many people are understandably reluctant to plan an outdoor wedding where guests may have to perspire in the sun while waiting for the ceremony to end so … Read More

6 Tips for a Lower-Stress Wedding

By Brittany Jorgenson Hello Everyone! This month we would like to shine a spotlight on the stress-reducing benefits of not working at your own wedding. There are tons of logistics involved on wedding days, from coordinating incoming vendors and guests, to … Read More


Hello Everyone! We hope you are all having an amazing New Year!  We are so excited to start a new blog section on our website. If you are new to our site then welcome and please take a look through … Read More