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Our Story

We bought our nearly 25-acres of land in 1992. Back then there was no pond, houses or landscaping, and brambles choked much of the property.  In 1994 we began cleaning up and nurturing the land, planting trees and gardens,  dug the pond and stocked it with fish and built the two houses that you see today. We raised our three children here as well as tended an assortment of farm animals over the years. After more than 20 years of hard work and planning, the one-time bramble patch is now the flourishing Storybrook Farm.

We like to re-use, recycle and re-purpose many building and landscaping materials and home decor. We get most of our materials from places like Habitat for Humanity Restores, various thrift shops, and yard sales as well as from family heirlooms and items from our travels abroad.  The antique bricks and slate on our patios, nearly every one of the interesting objects you can find throughout our houses, and even some of the plants in the gardens have their own stories to tell.

We hosted our first wedding in 2009 for our niece. We discovered two things: 1.  that it was a lot of fun, and 2. that we were also very good at it. We opened as a bed & breakfast in 2011. Shortly thereafter people began to express interest in having their weddings here. Since then we have had the honor of helping more than 100 couples start a new chapter of their lives together.

We strive to keep improving our farm and our guests’ experience so there are always new conveniences, nooks and surprises to enjoy. If you visit today and again next year you may see something new or different, but always delightful and interesting. We take our devoted work ethic and drive for improvement to make your experience the very best that it can be. When it comes to your wedding, you are here as our guests but staying in our home like family. Therefore, we make it our commitment to provide you with a high level of onsite support. We want your wedding to go as beautifully as you do, and we’re here to help you make that happen. We hope that you are able to come and experience all that we have to offer you at Storybrook Farm!

Thank you,

John and Diane Vogt

Owners of Storybrook Farm B&B


Our Staff

John and Diane Vogt are the owners of Storybrook Farm. They are also the landscapers, gardeners, B&B cooks, and John is a sometimes officiant. They built the homes in 1992 and began the B&B in 2011. They love meeting people and making guests feel like family.

Brittany Vogt Jorgenson is the Wedding Venue Director (and John and Diane’s daughter). She grew up on the farm and got married at here in 2013. She now spends her time helping couples find answers to many of their wedding planning questions, making sure the venue and events run smoothly, and taking care of business.

Kayla Hernandez is your in-house Personal Wedding Assistant.  She is a creative thinker who is stylish and all around awesome in the ways of organization and design. You can rely on her in the last month to help take care of your remaining details so that you can relax and enjoy your upcoming day. She will be with you on your wedding day to decorate, coordinate, and make sure you make it down the aisle on time.

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