Weddings At Storybrook Farm

Storybrook Farm is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee and located less than a mile from Historic Downtown Jonesborough on 25 acres of pastoral hills, shaded woods and enchanting gardens. This is a place of serenity, beauty, and convenience from which to stage your special occasion.

Storybrook Farm is more than a picturesque country setting with storybook charm. Since 2011 our goal has been to help couples create relaxed and personalized events. Our friendly and experienced team works closely with you to make your planning as easy as it can be, so that you can simply enjoy one of the best days of your life when it matters most.

We hope to speak with you soon about how we can help you create a beautiful and laid back event. We think you deserve it!

Gorgeous, low-key events designed around you.

Big News for 2019 Weddings

Starting in 2019 we will be exclusively offering inclusive and intimate elopements and micro-weddings. 2018 will be our last year for larger weddings of up to 150 people before we shift gears. So if a bigger event is your cup of tea then consider getting one of our last 2018 dates!

Date Update!

We have 1 prime season weekend date left for 2018:  August 25th! This is the very last available for our Fairytale or Storybook Wedding packages for up to 150 people. It is also available for a Micro Wedding Package for up to 16+ people!

Our gardens are at their most vibrant at this time of year and not to be missed. Check out photos of these dates on our Availability Calendar, or Contact Us to schedule a tour to see the Farm for yourself!



You and your group are welcome to stay onsite in our comfortable B&B to celebrate and make your experience last a little bit longer!

We want to be a part of your big day, whatever day that will be...
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Our Wedding Vault is a space filled with Pinterest worthy classic, vintage, bohemian, rustic and antique wedding decorations and designed to give you a fun and extensive browsing experience.


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